The Insurance markets today have to fine-tune their rates more than ever before to remain viable and competitive. One of the biggest factors in insurance premiums, especially for auto insurance, is your bill-paying history, and credit score. Years of study have demonstrated that far fewer claims are reported by drivers that have a credit score that reflects a responsible history of handling their finances, regardless of their income level. Many lower income households are showing a better credit score, and thus a lower insurance premium than higher income households that are less careful with their finances. To find out more about this, please visit
Other discounts available include:

Multi-policy discounts, which results in substantial saving on your home, condo, renters, umbrella, life and/or auto if they are insured with the same company.

Many of our companies also offer large discounts if any driver of the household is a member of one of thousands of professional trade associations.

There are also large savings for your home, auto, boat, umbrella policies if your have at least one life, annuity or disability policy with the same company.

There are discounts available with some companies if you pay the premium in 6 or 12 month installments, and also if you have had continous insurance without a lapse in coverage.

New discounts now available include, paperless billing, advance quote on more product lines, and an optional endorsement that will lock in your current rate and guarantee your rate never increases for a minor accident or traffic violations, regardless of how many incidents occur. Depending on the company, your price may be subject to change if you change vehicles, drivers or garaging address.

We also have companies that will give you the married rate, which can be substantial, if you are a single parent, or even in a committed relationship without a marriage license, without regard to the gender of your partner.