Claims Services

To report your claim directly to Wayne Syring Insurance Agency by telephone please call:

Office Phone: 715-842-3464 (During normal business hours)

Click here to report a claim directly to Erie Insurance immediately.

You can also stop by our office to report the claim. Estimates can be dropped off, mailed, or faxed directly from the body shop to us @ 715-842-2499.

In the case of water damage to your property, you may call a restoration service such as Mobile Cleaning and Restoration at 800-242-7867 or Environmental Quality Emergency Services at 715-387-0038, or cell at 715-305-4742.

Most of our companies have 24 hour claim service with toll-free numbers and access to claims information via their websites. Click here to access our list of insurance companies. Locate the name of your insurance company (you will need your policy number in most cases), connect to your company’s website to file a claim directly, or call their toll-free number to report the claim.

For minor auto insurance claims, you are allowed to have critical items repaired immediately, such as headlights, turn signals, mirrors, and tires. For larger claims, please try to obtain two estimates from different body shops to help speed up the claims process.

If you are insured with Wisconsin Mutual, Erie and some of our other companies, you might want to visit their website to review the list of preferred body shops, which would then allow you to have the damage repaired immediately.

In some claims situations, you can bring the estimate for a small claim to our office, and we can issue a check directly to you on the spot. This can be towing, glass, theft, or even deer hits and collisions if the repair estimate is under $2,000.